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Welcome to Chemtorg

Chemtorg is a fast growing Fertilizer and Chemical Trading and Distribution company. We trade in a range of commodity and speciality industrial chemicals.

Since 2001 Chemtorg has become known as a progressive company, engaging in innovative deals, with a reputation for safely delivering what we promise.
Our rapid growth, recognised by the prestigious Russia’s Award for Enterprise: International Trade, 2005 is a testament to the success of our straightforward business values, our good relations with our trading partners and the enormous effort of our team of talented people.

Since then we have expanded our team of sales managers and administrators, allowing us to offer more products in new and innovative arrangements with our trading partners.  We are always open to exploring new ideas with people to take our business forward.

 Our business is built on personal integrity and developing professional ties that result in long lasting, mutually profitable relationships.

Stay up to date with the latest news on our website and find out  about all our current special offers.