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We shall, on a global scale, become the leading company in providing quality fertilizer, chemical and energy products.




Formation of new companies on the main markets, as well as acquisition of small perspective local companies.

Development of products and services by updating the existing and introducing new materials, technologies, product design, and processes.

Close co-operation with the research institutions and universities.

Creation of a positive and productive working environment, which has a favourable effect on both the motivation of employees and  the recruitment of new high-skilled staff.

Goal-oriented and flexible organization.




To provide people with energy, applying environmentally friendly technology.

To provide reliable technical solutions, equipment and services globally, acting up to the sustainable development principle and considering customer needs.

To create possibilities and adequate environment for the development of  employee potential.

To ensure high return on capital invested for the owners.

To promote the values that are consistent with the sustainable development approach.




Customer focus, with close co-operation, mutual benefit and  satisfaction being the guiding principle of our acting.

Ongoing promotion of innovation and business initiatives, as well  as a proactive attitude and readiness to face the industrial  development  and globalization challenges.

Integrity, which is based on good and honest intentions, reliability, keeping the promise, as well as good quality of equipment and services  provided the business ethics, and responsible acting of individual employees.

Good business relations with the customers, employees, and owners.

Active involvement of employees in creating a healthy and friendlyworking environment.

Individual responsibility for personal growth and professional development.