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How to do business with us

Doing business with us is a simple and direct matter.

The first stage of doing business with us is to contact one of our business managers with your request:

After a deal has been discussed verbally, this is confirmed in writing, usually by e-mail.

Sales or purchase order confirmations are documented and faxed between the relevant business manager and our trading partners. This ensures that both parties are clear on the terms of trade and that we can continue to trade with integrity.

From there the documented formalities, where appropriate, of transportation, inspections, product manipulations, financing, invoicing and cash flows are dealt with by the relevant Business Manager and the Administration Officer.

We stay in close communication with our trading partners to ensure that we can provide a safe, secure service, minimising any risks of unexpected disruptions.

Usually, at the end of each transaction we will contact you to discuss the safe conclusion of our trade.